Sunday, April 07, 2013

Janet's Back On The Melissa Harris-Perry Show!

Melissa Harris-Perry wasn't kidding when she tweeted that she needed to make Janet a #nerdland regular after making a stellar March 23 appearance.

And nope, Janet wasn't there to talk trans rights issues or LGBT politics.  She was back on the MHP show in a segment talking about our favorite hit show Scandal.  

Scandal by the way is the first show helmed by an African-American female lead actress (Kerry Washington) since I spent some of my teen years watching my Houston homegirl Teresa Graves on ABC's Get Christie Love.

And yeah, if you try to call me between 9-10 PM CDT on Thursdays, it's why you're not getting an answer because I'm watching the latest exploits of Olivia Carolyn Pope and her 'Gladiators In Suits'.  

For those of you who missed the #nerdland conversation about Scandal this morning, you can check out the video with one of our fave #girlslike us in it.

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