Friday, April 26, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-2013 NFL Draft Weekend Edition

NFL Draft 2013 Logo.jpgThe 2013 NFL Draft started last night in New York and will continue later tonight with Rounds 2 and 3 and Rounds 4-7 on  Saturday. 

The 1st round of this years NFL Draft was one in which teams loaded up on offensive and defensive line players and defensive backs.  My Texans grabbed DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson, the receiver they needed at number 27

I was also happy to see UH corner DJ Hayden make it from a near fatal practice injury last November to being drafted by the Oakland Raiders.

The Texans have eight more selections, and we'll see who else my fave NFL ballers and two time defending AFC South champs get tonight and tomorrow.

But I know today is Friday, the last one of this month.  Y'all surfed over here to find out who was the first round draft choice for stupidity and ignorance this week or what off the radar prospects turned themselves into first round draft choices capable of winning our weekly Shut Up Fool Award.

But I do need to find out who drafted who and what cut players ended up in new NFL homes. I plan on defending my NFL prognostication title this year.  But instead of just competing with Mike Watts, I also have new competition in blogger Eli Blake to contend with in 2013 as well.

Anybody else want some of this NFL prognostication fun, let me, Mike or Eli know now

Okay,okay.  I'll tear myself away from ESPN and the NFL and get to my usual Friday business.

As always, there are a few free agents that played their way into SUF contention. 

Free agent number one is Fox Noise fembot Katie Pavlich  continuing the conservafoool War on the Poor.   She thinks that all welfare recipients names should be publicized because they are getting tax dollars for it.    Well, using that specious line of reasoning, we should know the names of all CIA operatives, everyone who receives federal student aid, every business owned that receives any federal contract or grant.....

Free agent number two is Fox Noise...for their Islamic bashing, trying to spin Junior's disastrous presidency in the wake of the opening of his presidential library on the SMU campus, their hate on Obama rhetoric.

Free Agent number three is .a group award for the Republican Party and their hijinks this week of Sen. Rand Paul (Teabagger-KY) contradicting himself on drones, Sen. Lindsey Graham say they should be allowed on US soil and other GOP fails too numerous to list in this post..

But this week's winner is Dean Saxton, or 'Brother Dean' as he's know on the University of Arizona campus.   This knuckle-dragging embarrassment to manhood who has a future in the Arizona Republican Party pissed off people on the picturesque UA campus earlier this week by holding up a sign espousing the jacked up view that women deserve to be raped. 

Saxton also has a Twitter page in which he regularly tweets insults about feminists, Islam, and the LGBT community.   And unless Saxton violates UA student policy, he has a First Amendment right to be an azzhole.    But we also have the same Fist Amendment right to tell this fool what we think about his jacked up views. 

Dean Saxton, Shut up Fool! 

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