Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Happy Birthday Carmen Xtravaganza!

Photo: okay today is April 7th in 2 days (April 9th) will be my sister Carmen Xtrava's birthday... she will be almost as young as I am.. LOL... A special time of year to have a birthday, because it's the start of spring and a fresh renewal of life and spirit!!!!!
If you go deep into my archives you'll see this series of Women I Admire posts.  It was my way of paying homage to the women trans and non-trans who had qualities that I was looking for and admired and wanted to emulate in my own life in terms of the type of woman i wanted to project to the world.   

One of the persons I wrote a post about was Carmen Xtravaganza.   

She is strikingly beautiful (still is) and one of the many people I looked up to during that 80's time period I was in trans information gathering mode and weighing the decision to transition. 

In the wake of this post I wrote, I realized that I wanted to lead by example and get to know, have regular conversations with and hopefully form lasting friendships with my sisters in the ballroom and pageant worlds.  

I was thrilled to get a FB friends request from this ballroom legend recently, and we've been chatting from time to time.   It's been a blast getting to know her and I am so looking forward to meeting her the next time I'm in the New York area or wherever our paths cross. 

Anyway, she told me during our chat yesterday that April 9 is her birthday, so I'm giving her TransGriot birthday shoutout treatment .

Happy birthday Carmen!   May you have many more!.

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