Monday, April 08, 2013

Chrysalis: Lingerie For Girls Like Us

This news broke while I was offline, but I was excited to hear about a first ever line of linerie designed by a girl like us entrepreneur for girls like us.

CyHeadShotThe perfectly named Chrysalis Lingerie is the first ever lingerie line that is designed for transwomen.   Co-founder Cy Lauz remembered when she had a hard time during her transition finding lingerie and undergarments that suited her particular needs and made her feel pretty, confident and feminine.

“There was nothing that made me feel good about being a trans woman and who I was as a professional and most importantly, who I was as a person,” Lauz says.

Lauz put her fashion styling and interior design talents to work and founded Chrysalis, which is getting major positive buzz inside and outside the trans community. 

It's starting with a basic line of bra and panty ensembles in five colors.   The power-mesh panty is designed to create a seamless look by using a special panel that “tucks us in,” Cy said, while the bra comes with hidden pockets that hold full-cup inserts to create the appearance of a natural bustline.  

tstrign2The initial product line is versatile enough to work with all body shapes while still the look and feel of traditional feminine lingerie lines. 

Chrysalis Lingerie for now will only be available online and in progressive lingerie outlets that welcome the business of trans women. 

Beyond the basic product line there are long range plans to not only open a brick and mortar store in the New York area but create a Chrysalis Lingerie couture line that incorporates the Chrysalis technical innovations into a line of teddies, shapewear, lingerie and swimwear.

chrysalisChrysalis Lingerie has been around since 2010 and is grateful for the fresh round of media exposure and attention.  

Chrysalis Lingerie does have a company Facebook page that you can like and check out for all sorts of fashion and TBLG related posts as we anxiously await the May 1 launch of the e-commerce site.

Hmm, that's just in time for my birthday.   

TransGriot Update: link for the Chrysalis Lingerie website.

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