Friday, April 12, 2013

ELIXHER Showing Their Trans Sisters Some Love

The Trans 100 List is definitely doing its job of facilitating positive conversations inside and outside the trans community in terms of our accomplishments, who we are as people and in the case of non-white trans folks, that we exist and are major contributors to the advancement of trans human rights.

We're also starting to see breakout stories like this one as a result of the publishing of the initial list. 

ELIXHER wrote this post focused on the 11 African-American girls like us who were named to the initial Trans 100 List.   Thanks ELIXHER for the love you've shown your trans sisters since your inception and may those bonds of sisterhood continue to strengthen and grow.

To BET, The Root, The Grio and any onther African-American outlet that publishes a chococentric TBLG list from now on, you have no excuse anymore NOT to include Black trans people and defend your trans-free list by making the weak excuse that you don't lknow of any Black trans transpeople. 

You do now.   

And oh yeah ELIXHER, congratulations on reaching your fundraising goal!

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