Friday, April 12, 2013

Autostraddle Salutes The Trans 100 List Women

The Trans 100 List is already getting the desired results of changing the conversation around trans people inside and outside our community.   They were introduced to 100 talented people who are not only doing things in their own ways to uplift the trans community, but in the process are making the communities they live in better places as well.

Check out this Autostraddle article in which they focused attention on the 51 people on the list that identify as girls like us and what they had to say about it.    

Buzzfeed offered some brief bios of each honoree, but other news outlets have mostly just published a list of names. We here at Autostraddle wanted to feature a bit more in-depth information and some actual words from the many inspirational humans on this list — more specifically, from the ladies. To that end, we've erred carefully to include only those who clearly identify as women, but there are heaps of genderqueer folks, trans men and non-binary-identified people on the list that you should check out, though, so GET ON IT!!!

This is the quote from me that appears on the Autostraddle post and it's from a TransGriot post I wrote for National Coming Out Day on October 11, 2012 .

"But as I’ve discovered ever since I began my own transition in 1993, my life not only began when I did so and got comfortable in my own skin, my family expanded. We have a proud history that is still unfolding every day. I have out and proud trans brothers and sisters all over the world now. I have trans elders who are eager to pass down their hard won knowledge to me so I can do the same for you. I love the fascinating journey of discovery I’ve been on."

Speaking of journeys of discovery, get to know the 51 diverse girls like us profiled in this post.

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