Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why You Haven't Seen As Much Writing On The Blog Lately

One of the things about a move in addition to getting familiar with a brand new neighborhood, is also having to reestablish everything that was disrupted prior to you moving.

While I'm getting adjusted to my new Heights area digs and gradually learning where everything I need is located, one thing that got disrupted was my writing schedule.

I'm still working to reestablish regular internet access after discovering to my horror that I have little to no wifi access in much of my apartment.   I have to sit on the porch of my landlord's home to get a solid connection, and with the weather being unseasonably cold the first week I was living here, that limited my writing to taking a ride to the downtown public library location and waiting to get access to the public computers one hour at a time.

I have a wireless router that was given to me as a backup that would solve much of my problem, but have to get the account for the router transferred to moi so I can take over paying for it

There are times when I come up with something in the middle of the night, and instead of typing it out immediately and having it up for you to read in the morning, I now have to jot it down on a notepad and transcribe it..  

That can be problematic on windy days..  

So anyway TransGriot readers, I thank you for your patience while I work hard to solve the access problem.  I want to get back to doing what I love in terms of cranking out quality posts and news about the trans community for your perusal just as much as y'all like hearing what I have to say..

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