Sunday, November 30, 2014

TransGriot Tour Of Houston TBLG Friendly Churches Continues

One of the things I get a little sick of in the trans and SGL community is people blanket bashing churches. 

While some of them like Grace KKKomunity Church and Second Baptist deserve derision and our community's contempt for their ongoing Bible bashing, do not forget there are not only liberal progressive churches in Houston, but churches that have no problems opening their doors wide to our community, and liberal progressive ministers who see the trans human rights struggle as the next human rights one and want to be on the correct side of history..

And do not forget many of those liberal progressive ministers stood with us during the HERO fight a few months ago and still are.

What I decided to do was to check out the various churches in Houston that are LGBT friendly and check our their services, worship styles, et cetera so that I have some real world knowledge of which ones to recommend to people and newly out people who are looking for a church home.

West 11thI checked out Progressive Open Door Community Church (AKA the POD) last weekend for their inaugural  Transgender Outreach service.   This weekend since I now live right down the street from it, I'll be checking out Resurrection MCC's 11 AM service. 

And yes Pastor Lura, I'll be hitting Grace Lutheran Church in the Montrose area before 2014 is history.

If you local TransGriot readers are aware of trans or SGL friendly churches you think I should hit, drop their name, address and time they have their services so I can check them out

As for you peeps at Resurrection MCC, see y'all in a few hours.

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