Thursday, November 13, 2014

TransGriot 2014 NFL Picks Week 11

I rebounded rather nicely in Week 10 with my NFL picks after that disastrous sub-.500 week we'll see if it costs me my chance at  the 2014 NFL Prognostication Title. 

I went a stellar 10-3 to tie for weekly honors.  Unfortunately so did Mike, so I failed to make a dent in his now six game lead on me.   But I did pick up a game on Eli, who went 9-4.

Mike wants a solo title after being denied by me and Eli for the last two years despite going on monster down the stretch finishing kicks.   Mike is going to have to choke down the stretch for me and Eli to have a chance to catch him/

Speaking of rebounds, that's what my fave NFL team is seeking to do after finally benching Ryan Fitzpatrick and giving the starting job to Ryan Mallett after falling to 4-5 after starting the season 3-1..

Ryan Mallett is about to get his first chance to prove wrong such critics as former Texans general manager Charley Casserly.
I and many other peeps in H-town think Case Keenum should still be here, or the Texans should have drafted Teddy Bridgewater,  but that's another point of contention for all of us armchair general managers to debate later.

Is Mallett the answer at QB for the Texans despite only throwing four regular season passes as he backed up Tom Brady in New England, or are the Texans right back where they started at quarterback when they said goodbye to Matt Schaub?

Starting this Sunday, we Texans fans will find out the answer to that question. 

But time to handle my NFL prognostication business for Week 11.  We have 14 games to pick with the Ravens, Cowboys, Jaguars and NY Jets on their bye week after consecutive weeks with only 13 games on the schedule.

Week 10 Results

TransGriot  10-3
Eli                 9-4
Mike           10-3

2014 NFL Season Record

TransGriot     93-53-1
Eli                  94-52-1
Mike              99-47-1

NFL Week 11

Thursday Night Game
Miami over Buffalo

Sunday Early Games
Chicago over Minnesota
Cleveland over Houston
Carolina over Atlanta
New Orleans over Cincinnati
Washington over Tampa Bay
Denver over St Louis
San Francisco over NY Giants
Seattle over Kansas City

Sunday Afternoon Games
San Diego over Oakland
Arizona over Detroit
Green Bay over Philadelphia

Sunday Night Game
New England over Indianapolis

Monday Night Game
Pittsburgh over Tennessee

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