Friday, November 14, 2014

PRIDE Houston Moves Date Back To June 27

PRIDE Houston after a contentious public meeting at the Montrose Center last night corrected their mistake and moved the 2015 Pride Parade back to its traditional last weekend in June date.

Now was that so hard?   It wouldn't have been if you'd listened to the Black LGBT community and our allies when we first told you about the problematic date conflict to begin with. instead of blowing us off. 

You could have saved yourselves the negative publicity, another contentious public PRIDE meeting, and unnecessary drama.  

But thank you for FINALLY doing the right thing and moving the parade date back to the last weekend in June where it belongs.    They also announced the formation of a Cultural Committee.

Great first steps to undo the unnecessary drama started by the initial decision, but satisfying to many people including those of us who warned about the Juneteenth scheduling conflict in the first place..

We'll be watching to make sure PRIDE Houston follows through on what you told that packed meeting room you'd do.

Deeds will be far more important than words from now on.

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