Wednesday, November 26, 2014

All They Needed To Do To Keep Ferguson From Burning...

Was indict Darren Wilson.

But because whiteness and white supremacy was at work in this whole sorry affair, they didn't, and now you have another series of protests and riots breaking out in the city of Ferguson and elsewhere around the country

But it was clear that the fix was in when a biased prosecutor with a history of not  indicting police officers involved in shooting of civilians did everything possible to ensure that justice was not done in this case.  

And meanwhile, another African-American family is burying their son who was taken away from them by a racist cop, and then have to watch as FOX Noise and the rest of the media demonize their child.   And you wonder why I and a lot of other African-Americans today are singing along to NWA's lyrics today.

Yes, the POTUS has spoken and appealed for dialogue.   The Department of Justice is now investigating.  But we're tired of talking about our kids dying at the hands of white po-po's, and seeing vigilantes and those offices walking the streets with shyt-eating grins on their faces after they get acquitted by grand juries or juries more inclined to nullify than indict and punish their fellow white peeps.  .

Yeah right, the justice system worked.   But tell that BS to the parent who lost their child at your hands and you show absolutely no remorse for it. 

As Dr, King once said, "A riot is the language of the unheard."  Can you hear us now?

There have been protests in other cities including Houston over the non-indictment, but what we need to happen right now is the police departments of this country to stop treating African-Americans as live fire targets, and stop hiring bigots and giving them badges to patrol our neighborhoods.

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