Friday, November 14, 2014

Moni's In The Facing Race 14 House!

After handling my emcee hosting duties and having a late night trying to decide what fool gets the blog's Shut Up Fool award, it's time to get into the Facing Race conference and see some of the seminars before I have to leave for a slightly warmer Houston.

HomeYep, when I arrived in Dallas yesterday at Love Field it was a sunny33 degrees.

The sun is taking a vacation today.  Figures it would do that the first time this event is hosted in Texas.

And yep, this is my first one, so I definitely want to see  and hear what peeps are talking about at a conference dedicated to one of my favorite subjects in terms of eradicating racism from this planet for future generations.

You also gotta love a conference that renamed the ballroom at the Hilton Anatole Hotel the 'Anti-Imperial Ballroom. 

And I'm still getting kudos from last night's emcee performance.   Believe it or not that was the first time I've ever been asked to do it for a major conference, even though I've been hosting or emceeing events since I was 10. 

You can follow the #FacingRace14  hashtag to check out what people are talking about, texting and tweeting to each other and the world.   There's also a YouTube channel that they will be livecasting various events on like last night's plenary.and today's 3:30 PM CST.keynote speech from Dr Bernice Johnson Reagon and her daughters Toshi and Tashawn

They are three generations of artists and activists who have an interesting intergenerational story to tell

Okay, enough writing.   Time for me to get my learn on before I have to go...

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