Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thai Modeling Agency Starts Trans Division

Thai drag queen Pangina Heals, center, interviewed several transgender model on his Queer as Fuck webseries.The long stylish line of trans models gets an assist in extending its legacy for another generation from Thailand.

With an ever increasing list of trans models coming out like Andreja Pejic, Ines Rau and Geena Rocero,  others are getting steady work including our sis Isis King,

LeaT brpke new ground by signing a deal to become the face of the global beauty brand Redken, while Rau became the first trans woman since 1991 to pose for Playboy.

The Bangkok based  Apple Modeling Agency, one of the leading and largest agencies in Thailand, announced on November 11 they were launching a transgender model division that already has 18 girls on its books.

Director of the Apple Agency Siwaporn Hotarapawanond stated the agency has three physical types of trans models.  "First is the transgender model who is all natural.   Second, the transgender model who has had breast surgery only.   Third, the transgender who had complete surgery." 

Here's an interview drag queen Pangina Heals conducted with ten of the Apple trans division models as they participated in a photo shoot for Thai based Lips Magazine.

This seems to be the tipping point moment when trans feminine women in photo shoots or ripping the runways is not seen as a exotic element, but a fact of life in the fashion world. 

'We have three physical types of transgender models,' said Siwaporn Hotarapawanond, director of the agency.
'First, the transgender woman who is all natural. Second, the transgender who had breast surgery only. Third, the transgender who underwent the complete surgery.'
Transgender models are fast becoming a
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