Thursday, November 13, 2014

PRIDE Houston Juneteenth Parade Conflict Update 3

Even though I'm in Dallas for the Facing Race Conference, the fight continues on my end of I-45 to get the PRIDE Houston board to see the error of their ways and change the date of the parade back to June 27.

Looks like since the heat has been turned up on them by other peeps with clout.  Seems they are less obstinate and dismissive about things than they previously were and are now willing to discuss the issue.  

Well, that what we presumed we were doing back on October 22.   But actions speak louder than your weasel words.

In our latest update on this hot mess, the original post I wrote sounding the alarm about the jacked up decision not only has gone viral, it's now picking up national LGBT blog attention.

It also got the attention of KCOH-AM, one of the local African-American radio stations this morning and their talk show hosts. As we feared, the verdict from my community about this parade conflict has been 'this was deliberate' along with other conspiracy theories.

Sunday sermons from the hate ministers claiming 'the gays are trying to hijack Juneteenth' in 5...4..3..2...1.

A petition has been created asking PRIDE Houston to once again, do the right thing and move the parade from June 20 to the tradition last Saturday in June date closest to the Stonewall rebellion date of June 28, 1969.   Here's the link to it if you wish to add your John and Jane Hancocks to it.

The PRIDE community meeting is also taking place tonight at the Montrose Center starting at 7 PM.   So come on down to 401 Branard St and let your voices be heard on this issue.

Will keep y;'all posted.

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