Sunday, November 02, 2014

Houston LGBT Positive Impact Day Meets Hate With Love

While our right wing opponents brought their all star team of national hatemongers to Steve Riggle's Grace KKKomumnity Church (and they are livestreaming it BTW)  the Houston LGBT community and our allies executed a different response to their hate rally.

From 2-4 PM members of the community, our allies and simply people living up to their personal values showed up at Grace Lutheran Church on Waugh Drive to donate clothing and other items for homeless LGBT youth.

Didn't take long for the room to start filling up with clothes and supplies, and two TV news stations and a HCC student reporter were there to record the happenings.  And yes, it's always good to see my Houston LGBT community and Team HERO peeps doing good in our Houston 'hood as usual.

This was the needed pile of winter clothes collected in just two hours as the haters gathered at Riggleworld to lie to the country about the fact they screwed up collecting signatures on their HERO repeal petition and they are trying to bully the city of Houston into overlooking it.

Um nope, rules are rules.   Even your boy Dave Welch spelled it out what the consequences were for not doing thangs to the letter.

One thing I'm certain you won't be seeing at the hate rally is them living up to their Christian values the way that was demonstrated at the Houston LGBT Positive Impact Day this afternoon

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