Monday, November 17, 2014

Calling Your Butts Out White GL Community, Doesn't Make Me 'Anti-Gay

Been chuckling as I read the comments in some of the threads at Towleroad and other blogs discussing the now concluded unnecessary drama  PRIDE Houston initiated with their dismissive reaction to the request to move the 2015 Houston Pride Parade from Juneteenth back to its original last Saturday in June date.

The Towleroad ones were especially revealing because the blog's comment threads have a reputation of being a hotbed of anti-trans bigotry and white gay male privilege.

To those who aimed hateful comments at me and live inside Beltway 8, all I have to say to you hypocrites is when I called out Max Miller and his fellow hate ministers on this blog during the HERO debate, you couldn't stop singing my praises enough.

Leadership is not just saying what people want to hear or is popular at that moment.   Leaders also have to tell it like it T-I-S is with issues that may be unpopular.   We have to sometimes be willing to be the lone voice articulating that unpopular view against the mainstream groupthink.  

And as my longtime readers know,  I have no problem doing that.   My TransGriot electronic platform when it comes time to calling folks out who need it is an equal opportunity offender.   Just as I have no problem calling out whiteness and white supremacy wherever and whenever it shows its pointed hooded head, neither do I have a problem calling out the trans community when they screw up or my own people when they are being transphobic or homophobic.

Oct08-14_WAW_parade_mapSo for you white GL peeps who got indignant because my Black trans behind stated the obvious about PRIDE Houston's initial arrogant refusal to change the problematic parade date, got mad because I sounded the alarm about the potential PR problem, blew up the PRIDE Houston spin lines they attempted to put  out there and urged people to show up for that Thursday meeting, too bad.

If they had done the right thing in the first place, those posts wouldn't have been necessary to write   Bet you'll think twice next time before you dismiss any leaders of LGBT Houstonians of color as 'silly', 'not affiliated with any group'  or disrespect them.  

Neither will you dismiss the power and reach of this blog when amplified by social media.  You'd be surprised to find out the peeps in H-town who read TransGriot and forward posts when appropriate.

Calling your butts out when you frack up doesn't make me 'anti-gay'.  As a member of this  rainbow flag waving community I will praise you when you do things right.   But I will be just as quick to call you out when you are going down a wrong path that has the potential to negatively impact the entire community  and impede human rights progress.

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