Thursday, November 06, 2014

TransGriot 2014 NFL Picks Week 10

Well, last week was a disastrous one for me as I had a sub .500 week, and it was bad timing for it because I'm fighting to stay close to Mike and Eli.  This was also the first time this season I picked against the Texans, and sadly got it right. 

But I also had a few upsets wreck my picks last week in my defense.

Well, won't have to worry about the Texans this week because they are on their bye week along with the Colts, Patriots, Vikings, Chargers, and the Washington NFL Franchise.

Told y'all I'm refusing to call them by their racist nickname.

Well, I'm ready to move on to Week 10.   Once again, only 13 games to pick because six teams are on their bye week, and not a lot of room for error.   My picks will be as usual in underlined bold print.

Week 9 Results

TransGriot    6 -7
Eli                9-4
Mike             9-4

2014  NFL Season Results

TransGriot     83-50-1
Eli                  85-48-1
Mike              89-44-1

NFL Week 10

Thursday Night Game
Cincinnati over Cleveland

Sunday Early Games
Kansas City over Buffalo
over Miami
over Jacksonville
New Orleans over San Francisco
Baltimore over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over NY Jets
Atlanta over Tampa Bay

Sunday Afternoon Games
Denver over Oakland
Arizona over St. Louis
Seattle over NY Giants

Sunday Night Game
Green Bay over Chicago

Monday Night Game
Philadelphia over Carolina

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