Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trans Lives Matter

We have had in the United States this year 11 trans murders since June.   That's too many, but pales in comparison to what our Brazilian sisters have endured this year.

Trans Lives Matter is the message undergirding all of the TDOR events taking place this week around the November 20 TDOR date.    We're sick and tired of the unemployment and underemployent.   We're  sick and tired of the disrespect coming from all direction from family members to the greater society.   We're beyond sick and tired of being harassed, assaulted and murdered for being who we are.

It's past time to #StopTransMurders here and abroad.   It's also past time for people to recognize that trans lives matter.   Trans lives are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.   Trans lives are just as worthy of existing on this planet as you cis people who arrogantly hate on us.

And another November 20 is here for us to send that message. 

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