Friday, November 21, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-TDOR Weekend 2014 Edition

This weekend all over the planet our trans community and our allies are pausing to remember our trans brothers and trans sisters around the world who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender violence.

These Transgender Day Of Remembrance events have be held around the world around the November 20 date of  TDOR and continue through Sunday in many locales including Houston.

The HTUC organized TDOR will take place tomorrow at the AD Bruce Religion Center on the University of Houston campus starting at 6:30 PM, and there will be a Transgender Outreach Service Sunday featuring Rev Carmarion Anderson at Progressive Open Door Christian Center on the TSU campus. 

Whether it's TDOR or whatever other event, my usual Friday TransGriot business of calling out fools happens.   So let's get to it.

Special Drop Dead Fools award for all the peeps who murdered my trans sisters around the world who so far have eluded prosecution for it or got a slap on the legal wrist. 

May you rot in hell for what you've done, and may it be sooner rather than later.

Honorable mention number one goes to the as yet still unidentified Norfolk, VA school official who let loose a racist tweet that called young Black men a 'nightmare' for fathers of young white women.

It led to a Monday walkout of Black students at Booker T Washington HS. 

I think you got it twisted.  It is white men of who are a nightmare for young Black men.   As the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael brown.

Honorable mention number two is Don Lemon.   He regurgitated more of his bitter CNN Lemon-aid when he made a victim blaming comment to a woman who has accused Bill Cosby of rape

Honorable mention number three is Kentucky's junior senator Rand Paul, who claimed that no one in Congress has done more for minority and ethnic rights than he has.

After I laugh my ass off at the incredible ignorance of that statement, may I point out Senator Paul, that you are not even close to being Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) who too a beatdown from the Alabama State Gestapo Police at the Edmund Pettus Bridge for voting rights and was a Freedom Rider. 

So have several seats in the House and Senate chambers and never part your lips to say something that stupid again.

Honorable mention number four is one in which we go to the Houston area for and roast Kelley's Country Cooking.   Instead of standing up for 19 year old Blake Butler after a homophobic customer wrote on their receipt, “Don’t want to listen to a f*ggot through my whole meal,” the restaurant's manager instead APOLOGIZED to the homophobe

WTF?  Do fries go with that homophobia?   

Another sterling example of why HERO is necessary.

This week's Shut Up Fool Winner is incoming Nevada Speaker of the House Ira Hansen

Nevada Assembly Speaker-dessignate Ira Hansen (R)Remember when I urged peeps to run, not walk to the polls and many of you sat your asses at home anyway?  

Well, this is what your lack of attention to your civic duty got elected in Nevada.   A longtime unrepentant racist who has a long history of homophobic, racist and sexist statements will now that the GOP has control of the House.has the political power to mess with the lives of many Nevadans he doesn't like.

Hansen let loose with this latest racist statement that Democrats 'have a master-slave relationship with simple minded darkies'

Again with the plantation references.   And you wonder why I call the Republican Party the political arm of whiteness and white supremacy.   They keep proving it every day.

Ira Hansen, shut up racist fool!

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