Sunday, November 09, 2014

Bye Chicago! Headed Back To H-Town Again

After spending a wonderful weekend in Chicago for the Representing Trans* Symposium here, getting to demolish a deep dish pizza and some Slurpees, staying a a wonderful hotel for two nights and seeing a few of my Chicago area friends, time to head back to the warmer climes of Houston.

Was happy I got to see some of my trans peeps during my time up here, and hope I can return to the Windy City soon

But preferably in the summer months.

I thoroughly enjoyed the symposium, hanging out with some old friends on that panel, making some new ones and the fascinating conversations I had during the event. 

Thanks to Kristen and Chase for the invite and I'm so glad I came.

It's been real Chicago, but Houston and my life there awaits along with some Pappas Barbecue in the Hobby Airport terminal.

Just hope I'm not hanging around Midway as long as I did back in August.

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