Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day 2014

It's November 11 and once again it's time to acknowledge the veterans in our country who are also members of the trans community.

One of the interesting dynamics I've noted in our trans ranks is as Kristin Beck is a concrete example of, the number of trans folks who have served in our nation's military. 

They have served  our nation proudly, but in far too many cases they have had to hide who they are to do so.   And because of DOD regulations that can be eliminated with a pen stroke, trans people are not allowed to enlist.

The veterans I have met in our community have fought in every conflict from World War II to Afghanistan and Iraq.

And lets take a moment to remember our trans vets who never came home or lost their lives before they came to that gender epiphany.

Many of those vets took those leadership lessons they learned in the military and translated them to help build our trans rights movement like Phyllis Frye.   Monica Helms and Angela Brightfeather in 2003 founded TAVA, the Transgender American Veterans Assn..  

Even Christine Jorgensen, one of our iconic trans women, was a US Army vet.

And we have trans folks who served who are continuing that tradition by contributing their leadership skills to build our community like Angelica Ross,  Dawn Wilson, Autumn Sandeen, Fallon Fox and Rev. Yeshua Holiday

And if ten nations allow trans people to openly serve, what's wrong with the alleged biggest baddest military on the planet doing so?   As I said back on this date in 2012 and will repeat, 'If it's not acceptable for LGB military personnel to have to hide who they are to serve our nation's military, it damned sure isn't acceptable for transpeople to have to hide to serve in the military either. '

Let's hope that we will see a Veteran's Day happen in which our trans peeps can serve our country.

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