Thursday, November 06, 2014

C-SPAN GOP Caller's Pointed Hood Is Showing

Remember  over the weekend when Sen Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said that the major reason that President Obama was having problems in the South was because of his race, and the GOP and conservafool movement went apoplectic about it?

Well people,  Sen. Landrieu's observation just got majorly cosigned. 

In the afterglow of the Republicans bigoted white peeps fueled midterm win, in addition to their sore winning, many of their supporters have been letting their inner Klansmen out.   They have also exposed their acute cases of Obama Derangement Syndrome since Tuesday as well.  

One named Anthony from San Diego, CA did so on C-SPAN yesterday when he called President Obama the n-word on-air.

"This is about race. The Republicans hate that n----- Obama."
-Anthony, San Diego, CA C-SPAN GOP caller

And here's the C-SPAN video to prove it.

Well duh, you conservabigots have made that quite KKKlear you hated the man and by extension his family since November 2008.  It was clear in the runup to this 2014 midterm you were going to race bait..

So no, GOP, don't even try to tell me your or your political base's animus with the POTUS is not race based.   Because the teabagging members of  your base have no problem thinking or saying it.

And the next white conservafool that tries to argue with me that my assertion that the Republican Party is the political arm of white supremacy is wrong will get cussed out and blocked afterwards.

The bottom line is that conservatism IS a racist movement, and you have used white male resentment and anger to fuel it since the 1970's.   Anthony isn't just 'one bad apple' as you GOP defenders will try to claim, you have a Republican Party and a movement full of them in which proud members of your GOP ranks say bigoted, racist, sexist, misogynist, transphobic and homophobic crap on a weekly basis.   

You are reaping the continued harvest of the racist seeds you sowed with the Southern Strategy and your four decades of anti-Black rhetoric.

And yeah, you can't suppress the Black vote forever.   You will pay at the ballot box for it

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