Friday, November 28, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Post Turkey Day 2014 Edition

CB obama family volunteer thx lpl 131128 16x9 608 First Family Thanksgiving Menu: More Pie, Please!It's the day after Turkey Day, and some of you are probably at the nearest mall grabbing up stuff on sale or are resting because you had way too much to eat and drink yesterday.

But as you know, it's Friday, and it's time to call out this week's fool, fools or group of fools, that made themselves look like turkeys for Thanksgiving with their ignorance and stupidity for the whole world to see.

So let's get busy!

The special Jive Turkey 2014 Award goes to every retailer who forced their employees to come in for work yesterday just to get a jump on the holiday buying season..   

Honorable mention number one is Rep. Peter King (R-NY) ,who parted his lips to suggest that President Obama invite child killing Ferguson cop Darren Wilson to the White House.

I''d need a new post to point out how stupid and clueless he sounds for even suggesting that.

Honorable mention number two is Texas state Rep Dan Flynn (R) who has filed an unconstitutional bill to create a 'Joint Legislative Committee On Nullification'

Um dude, you lost the Civil War.  Get over it.   But this is the crazy you unleashed when those of you who didn't vote and were able to chose not to do so.

Honorable mention number three is incoming Texas state Rep Molly White (R) who had two abortions,but is hypocritically going to push in this upcoming session to restrict other Texas women's access to the procedures she's had.

Honorable mention number four is soon to be ex-Ferguson killer cop Darren Wilson for a too long list of stupid comments.

Honorable mention number five is every fool who trampled or fought with someone during the after Thanksgiving sales.   It ain't that serious people.

Honorable mention number six is Julius Hatfield, the Southeast Bullitt County fire chief in Bullitt County, KY just south of Louisville.   Bullitt County is where many of the bigots ran when Louisville got 'too ethnic' for them    He was recorded by a Bullitt County sheriff's deputy's body camera after an accident on I-65 in September that involved a white motorist and a Black family from Ohio as saying 'We ain't taking no n*****s".

His department is under investigation for misappropriation of funds by the  state of Kentucky, so he may get what's coming to him anyway.

This week's Shut Up Fool Award is to St Louis County DA Bob McCullouch for not doing his job in indicting Darren Wilson, and then blaming everyone except the person in the mirror during his Monday press conference for his doing everything possible so that a Wilson indictment for the murder by po-po  of Mike Brown wouldn't happen.

Your actions in this case are why African-Americans continue to have little faith in the criminal justice system, especially on cases like this.

It's also why Ferguson experienced more rioting within hours after your announcement of the non-indictment

Just shut up racist fool and refrain from even saying anything else again about this case.

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