Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Trans Women Have 'Privileges Over A Woman?' LMAO

I was sent by one of my readers this copy of one of the letters to the editor section of ESSENCE.  She asked my thoughts about Betty Buccaneer's negative comments about the recent cover shoot in which Laverne Cox was one of the four gorgeous women on it along with Alfre Woodard, Nicole Beharie, and Danai Gurira.

First, here's that TERF's comments before I properly eviscerate them

I found Laverne Cox's image on the cover disrespectful to Black women   I support trans women in their quest for civil rights but I do not support them occupying women's spaces. There are serious inequalities in this country that come with being female. I cannot and will not accept someone who was born a man having privileges over a woman.

Moni laughs,  cracks knuckles, assumes optimum typing position.

First up, I called Ms. Buccaneer a TERF because this so reeks of trans-hating TERF feminazi crap that even Stevie Wonder can see it . 

Y'all really need to get some more creative assumed names, or better yet, attach your real names to your transphobic crap and own it.

|Assuming you even are a Black woman, and that's highly unlikely since the only people I see front and center as leaders in the TERF movement are white, the Black women cis and trans I know have applauded the ESSENCE cover and I have yet to see any prominent African American women expressing the view that you have.

Frankly, I applaud Ms. Cox for making history once again and being on that ESSENCE cover with three accomplished women.   It sends the message that trans women are women, and Black trans women are part of the kente cloth fabric of the African-American community.  

You don't like that, too damned bad bad.

What, you jealous because the fabulous Ms Cox  was on the cover of TIME, now is on the cover of ESSENCE and you'll never will be?  And at the rate Laverne is piling up honors this year, probably won't be the last time she's honored with an ESSENCE cover.

FYI to you Ms. Buccaneer (or whatever your REAL name is), Laverne is only the first OUT trans woman who has appeared on the cover of ESSENCE.    Tracy Africa Norman appeared on five ESSENCE covers back in the 80's    

So keep on hatin', transhater.

As for your fake support of trans rights you claimed in the short letter.  You either support trans rights or you don't without equivocation.

We have no room in our international trans human rights struggle for lukewarm, squishy alleged 'allies' because we have serious issues that we need to tackle and solve.

What are those issues?   A 26% unemployment rate, off the charts anti-trans murders and violence aimed at us, and ignorant comment like yours and from sellout kneegrow ministers that help fuel that anti-trans violence. 

You're either ride or die with us human rights wise as fellow African-Americans or you aren't. 

'Serious inequalities with being female'?   Tell me and Black women cis and trans something we don't know already.   Try walking in out Black female pumps, Miss Thang.   You couldn't handle ten seconds of it without crying white women's tears and running to clutch those pearls.

And there you go again TERF with that 'male privilege' thang.   That died the nanosecond we started undergoing HRT and we morphed into our female bodies.    So you can stop telling that lie, too. 

Laverne, like all trans women, was born as an infant.   You become and grow into the roles of a man or a woman, and Laverne is one fabulous looking sister any cis or trans woman with common sense would enjoy counting as one of her friends.  

Thank you for playing, and we have lovely parting gifts for you.  

TransGriot Note: TERF=Trans Exterminationalist (or/Exclusionary) Radical Feminist

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