Friday, December 20, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-Here Comes The Train Edition

Photo: Remember this day? Yeah, great day. Houston, meet METRORail. #ThrowbackThursday #TransitThursday
I was still a Texan in Exile living in Da Ville when METRORail opened the 7.5 mile Red Line on January 1, 2004 after a nearly 20 year battle to get a rail component for our public transit system here in H-town
One of the first things I did when moved back home in May 2010 and getting reacclimated to all the changes that had occurred in Houston while I was a Kentucky resident was jump on the Red Line.  

After happily discovering it cost the same $1.25 as METRO's bus service, I rode it from the UH Downtown end of it to the Fannin South Station where it ends and reversed the trip back to the Downtown Transit Center Station in front of METRO headquarters.

One of the long awaited extensions to our very popular METRORail, construction on it started in July 2009 and it opens ahead of schedule tomorrow. (The METRORail Purple and Green Lines open in mid-2014)  The North Line will crank up for service with free train rides and a free concert in Moody Park on the north side of town, which is served by one of the new stations on the 5.3 mile extension of the Red Line that is eventually planned to terminate at IAH.   There will also be 80,000 pounds of snow provided for the younglings to play with. 

Your favorite trans blogger has every intention of taking advantage of those free METRORail rides to get a feel for where the new North Line stations are and how they are laid out.  I also want to ride the extended line from its new termination point at the Northline TC/HCC Station to Fannin South.

Yeah yeah, I know it's Friday, and I can already see your eyes glazing over and hear you TransGriot readers saying, when is she going to get to what we really came here for?  

So let's do it.   It's time for me to stop jibber-jabbering about METRORail and get to my next to last week of 2013 fool, fools or groups whose common sense trains jumped the tracks or got derailed by mind-numbing hypocrisy, hubris and stupidity.

Honorable mention number one is a shared one for Neal Boortz and Megyn Kelly.    Kelly made a non-apology apology for her Santa is white remarks, then cried 'white women's tears' on air by claiming she and FOX noise were being attacked.  Then Neal Boortz joined in on the conservafun.

Their 'Santa is white' BS resulted in this Black student in New Mexico being told by a teacher it was ridiculous for him to dress up as Santa because 'Santa is white' and this bigoted IU-Bloomington display they ended up having to apologize for.

Guess that's what you conservafools mean when y'all sing you're dreaming of a white Christmas. 

Honorable mention number two is Sara Legvold, the Texas GOP Executive Committee member who writes at the white supremacist site Stormfront and endorsed apartheid

Honorable mention number three goes to that cookie chomping knee-grow sellout Mychal Massey, who wrote in Wing Nut Daily that racism is over.

Don't even get me started on that topic, conservafool.   You also need to have a seat, an Oreo cookie and a nice tall glass of STFU.

Honorable mention number four is Larry Kilgore, the Texas GOP gubernatorial hopeful who wants Texas to 'secdee', thinks gays and lesbians should be put to death and transpeople severely flogged.

One thing I hope happens to you is your campaign dies a quick and painful primary death.  Naah, then again, let the Tea Klux Klan wackos make you the GOP gubernatorial nominee.  Wendy Davis would win in a landslide. 

Honorable mention number five is Texas 'Affluenza' Judge? Jean Boyd (R)    In addition to the still mounting backlash and criticism she's getting for exercising 'proven conservative leadership' and letting a rich 16 year old drunk driving white male teen off for killing four people with Daddy's company truck, turns out she had a less than sympathetic response when the teen involved in an accidental death case was Black

Honorable mention number six is a group award for Don Lemon and every conservafool rushing to defend Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's homophobic and racist remarks.

First was Lemon serving up another bitter glass of Lemon-aid in this case.   The howlers and WTF inducing moments for me from the conservafools so far in this still evolving story were this fool Mike Slater trying to compare Robertson to the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and Newt Gingrich trying to compare him to Pope Francis.

Naw conservapeople, Phil Robertson is more like Pat Robertson and other hate preachers in your ranks.

And yeah, with free speech comes consequences for exercising it. 

Foto:ReproduçãoThis week's shut up fool award winner I go south of the border for in Brazilian evangelical pastor Silas Malafaia

This Brazilian TBLG oppressor celebrated and gloated about the defeat in the Brazilian Senate of  PLC 122, a sorely needed anti-LGBT discrimination bill that had been stalled on one level or another by evangelical leaders like himn for 12 years and did so on Twitter:
“You can swear, we’re hahahaha plc122 [the bill outlawing LGBT discrimination] is dead, hahahha try something else and wait a few years hahahaaha, if God laughs at the wicked, imagine me, hahahaha.
The rest of the justice loving world isn't laughing.   The blood and the death of every Brazilian LGBT person from this point forward are on your hands.

And oh yeah, can somebody tell me how to say Shut up fool! in Portuguese? 

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