Saturday, December 07, 2013

So Much For Our Trans Murder and Trans Hate Free Holiday

Photo: Brasil, Dezembro de 2013, Agata de Melo, mulher trans, é abatida a tiros.
Brazil, December 2013, Agata de Melo, trans woman, is shot to death.Well, so much for our trans murder and trans hate free holiday in the United States and elsewhere around the world. 

Transfofa em Blog's Eduarda Santos is keeping up with the grisly task of documenting all the trans murders happening in Brazil and elsewhere in Europe.   I'm sad (and pissed off to report) that one has already occurred in Brazil this month during the holiday period with Agata de Melo being found shot to death.

And I was hopeful we'd be able to go at least a little deeper into the holiday season before I'd have to start reporting on anti-trans murders or transphobic idiocy being aimed at us.

We've also had one in the United States as well.  

Zoe Lapin passed the word to me yesterday that a home healthcare worker found 52 year old Betty Janet Skinner dead in her apartment early Thursday morning with severe head injuries. 

Cleveland Police say Skinner was physically disabled, required assisted living and received regular home health care.   She was last seen alive by her home health care worker when she left the Devonshire Road apartment of our fallen trans sister at 10 PM EST Wednesday night.

Unfortunately ther are no witnesses or suspects at this time in the Skinner case.   Police are asking if you do have information in this case to please call the CPD Homicide Unit at 216-623-5464.

Kathy SvensonAnd yeah, transphobic Colorado school board member Kathy Svenson continues to spread her special brand of trans hate for the holidays.  

She's not only  not backing down from her faith based conservaignorance around trans issues, but is doubling down on it by stating that she doesn't believe trans people exist?

Bless Kathy's little transphobic heart.   Hon, hate to intrude on your delusional world, but we transpeople most certainly do exist.   Matthew 19:12 will verify that for you along with a few other scriptures and even your boy Pat Robertson. .   

You can deny it all you want, but we transpeople are definitely part of the diverse mosaic of human life.

Now where's my egg nog?   And I'm definitely going to need something else stronger to mix with it this time.

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