Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hey Megyn, My Santa Is Black...

And so are the Christmas themed movies I watch, the Christmas themed romance novels I read, and the Christmas music I have listened to since I was a child.

And yes, that was vitally important then and even more so now in a world that doesn't value non-white children, to see ourselves and our culture reflected during this Festival of Off The Chain Consumerism. 

In a world of overwhelming whiteness, it's vital that non-white folks have cultural touchstones that you and you Fox Noise comrades can arrogantly take for granted Ms Kelly because the world and the dominant culture revolve around people who look like you.

So you can take that vanillacentric privileged  and racist Fox Noise 'War on Christmas' BS and shove it up you know where.

Now where are my Alexander O'Neal and Luther Vandross Christmas CD's?

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