Friday, December 06, 2013

2013 TDOR's Around The World

Photo: TDOR 2013 em Myanmar

(TransGriot Note)  from 2013 TDOR in Myanmar.

The 2013 cycle of TDOR's came to a close around November 24, and the photos from those events are being posted in various spots around The Net.   While we can debate about whether the TDOR memorials are 'too somber', one thing that isn't up for discussion is that the 238 people who died due to anti-trans violence need to be remembered and there needs to be an end to the unacceptable levels of violence aimed at our people.

We also need to redouble our efforts toward bringing change in our various nations that gives them hope for the future and reduces the intolerably high suicide rates for transpeople to zero.  

Let's never forget the people who died this year and in previous years as we continue to work toward a world that will make the TDOR's obsolete.

Photo: Turquia TDOR 2013


Photo: TDOR, Nova Iorque 2013

New York, NY, USA

Louisville, KY, USA

Rome, Italy

Manchester, UK

Dallas, TX, USA 

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