Wednesday, December 04, 2013

What Has The POTUS Done For My Community? More Than Your Party Has Lately

Qqxamcxvrn0x22pfaxtwThe RNC attempts to reach out to my African-American community and compete for its precious votes (when they aren't suppressing them) get more laughable by the day.

Because they stepped in it Sunday and got called out by Black Twitter, the Blackosphere and moi for their 'Racism is over' tweet on the anniversary of Rosa Parks' December 1, 1955 arrest that jump started the Montgomery Bus Boycott and a renaissance of the African-American Civil Rights movement, the Republifools trotted out this cookie chomping kneegrow, Orlando Watson to clean up their communications mess.   

Watson has the unenviable job of being the RNC's Communications Director for Black Media, and was only hired just last month.  Whatever five figure salary they're paying you, it isn't enough.

Laughing my behind off at Watson for parting his lips to even ask the question, 'What has the POTUS done for the Black Community?'  

For starters, if he'd even tried to do anything overtly tilted toward specifically helping the Black community, y'all conservafools would be cranking up the Conservafool Noise Machine, screaming bloody murder and ranting with foaming at the mouth rage at how 'racist' he is.

Oops, my bad, y'all do that already.   

But let's flip the script and ask the more pertinent question inquiring Black minds wanna know.  What have you Republicans done for the African-American community?   Nada, except give us grief.

And Orlando, in case your GOP paymasters haven't briefed your Oreo cookie chomping behind on what your party has done TO my people, here's the list.

Demonize it, suppress our right to vote, call us everything but children of God, massively disrespect the twice elected first African-American president and his family, cut funding for public education, block the jobs bill President Obama pushed that would create those good jobs, blocked an increase in the minimum wage that the POTUS supports, blocked legislation that makes it easier to join a union, block African-American and other Obama appointees to the federal courts, hate on and threaten to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder for doing his job, and blocked Rep. Mel Watt's FHFA nomination.  

Your party is also fighting to kill the signature accomplishment of President Obama in the Affordable Care Act that would move many of our people from the ranks of the uninsured for the first time and provide many benefits that we like.  

So considering you Teapublicans have been waving the Confederate flags and engaged in Massive Resistance 2.0 to everything President Obama has tried to accomplish in the last five years, it's amazing that he still succeeds despite you peeps showing your pointed hoods..   

So what has the POTUS specifically done for Black America?  

To answer the question, his administration oversaw the settlement that awrded $1.2 billion to Black farmers, got the ACA passed, got expanded funding for HBCU's, signed the Crack Cocaine Fair Sentencing Act that eliminates the punishment disparity between powder and crack cocaine that disproportionately punishes African-Americans, and created The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department that has led the most aggressive defense by the federal government of our human rights since the Clinton administration.

And from where I sit as an African-American trans person, while you peeps are gearing up to hate on and demonize my community, President Obama has been busy becoming the best POTUS ever on trans issues.

So what has President Obama done for the African-American community?  More than you Republicans care to do or have done for my community in the last four decades.

Now where's my Janet Jackson Control CD?  Time for me and the Black community to sing 'What Have You Done.For Me Lately" loud enough for y'all to hear it at GOP Headquarters inside I-495. 

Better yet, we'll let you hear our voices speak loud and clear at the voting booth on November 4 as we hum that Janet tune on our way inside our favorite voting locations.. 

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