Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Aisha!

Time for another TransGriot Birthday Shout out!

During the 2011 OUT on the Hill, I attended a panel discussion with Denise LeClair at the Congressional Visitors Center that was sponsored by the LGBT Congressional Staff Association and served as the kickoff event on the 2011 OUT on the Hill schedule. 

Not long after I arrived cards were passed out so that we could write a question that would be read and answered by the panelists.  Well, normally I carry a pen with me but forgot it.  Denise didn't have one on her either, and this stylishly dressed lady sitting in the row above and behind us in that auditorium saved the day by lending us hers for a moment to write our questions down on the index cards. 

Mine got selected, and the question I asked was: 
In light of the fact that the recent NAACP LGBT town hall had no bi or trans representation, when will African Americans inside and outside the LGBT community have that family discussion about the transgender community and our issues?
The stylishly dressed young lady who lent me her pen to write the question on that September 2011 evening that triggered a much needed discussion on the 'T' end of the community during that event was none other than Aisha Moodie-Mills.  I discovered that two days later during the OUT on the Hill event hosted at the Center For American Progress and she was one of the panelists for it.   It was a year later that I met the other half of my fave DC power couple, her spouse Danielle at the 2012 OUT on the Hill.

Anyway, I'm doing all this fangirl jibber-jabbering because today is Aisha's birthday, and I wasn't letting it pass with giving her a TransGriot birthday shoutout. 

As you guessed I have mad love and admiration for her and Danielle.  I love reading her thoughtful writing on LGBT rights and other issues in various venues, checking her and Danielle's Politini podcast out and seeing Aisha's insightful commentary from time to time on the various MSNBC shows.  

Hey, if MSNBC was smart they'd give Aisha her own show.    But that's just me talking. 

Speaking of MSNBC shows, she and Danielle will be on Melissa Harris-Perry in a few hours. 

What a nice way to spend your birthday.

Happy birthday Aisha!   May your special day be as beautiful as you are, overflowing with blessings, and you have many more of them to come! . 

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