Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bathroom Trans Hate

Decided to write a new poem for the SpeakOUT Poetry Slam that's happening at the Clayton Library at 5300 Caroline St from now until 5 PM.    For those of y'all in the Houston area y'all do have time to get over to this event if you want to check it out and FYI  the Clayton Library is on the METRORail Red Line near the Museum District station.  

The poems performed by Koomah, Tye and Scott will have TBLG themes.  I decided to write this one last night slamming the bathroom meme and the use of it by right-wing haters, Christofascists and TERF's to oppose needed trans human rights laws.

So for all the hatin' you do, this poem's for you.

Bathroom Trans Hate
An MKR Poem.

One thing I am tired of seeing
When it's time to legislate
Is certain cisgender peeps tripping
When trans human rights it's time to contemplate

It's hell out here for transpeople
That subject is not up for debate
Anti-trans violence and 26% unemployment
For non-discrimination laws we can't wait

Conservafools don't want that to happen
They'll do anything to obfuscate
So what do they do to stop it?
They deploy the bathroom trans hate

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists
Cry the same white women's tears
I'm sick and tired of their transphobia
And disco era sneers

Have to deal to with christofascists
Letting their trans hatred flow
But God made transpeople, too
Because the Bible I read tells me so

They'll say we'll sexually assault you
Molest your kids in the stalls as they cry
But I'm here to tell you cis people
That's a baldfaced transphobic lie.

For six decades none of that's happened
From sea to shining sea
The only things transpeeps do in the bathroom
Is poop, piss and wash our hands after we pee

So let me say this succinctly
Here is my bathroom plan
I'm handling my bodily functions
And getting out as fast as I can

Yeah, I'll check myself out in the mirror
To see if I'm still looking fly
Once I've finished my beauty business
Hasta la vista, see you later, buh-bye

GOP politicians have no logical reason
To oppose trans human rights in our state
So the only tool they have to oppose it
Is to 'scurr' you with bathroom trans hate

So don't be fooled, tricked or bamboozled
All us transpeeps sure will appreciate
That you peeps do whatever you can possibly do
To flush all of the bathroom trans hate

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