Tuesday, December 17, 2013

January 15 Is The Trans 100 Nomination Deadline

After writing more than a few posts about trans people being repeatedly left off of LGBT community lists that were heavy on the lesbian and gay end of the rainbow alphabet and bi, trans and melanin free, it was nice to see Antonia  D'orsay and Jen Richards collaborate on rectifying that problem with the inaugural Trans 100 List

It was an honor and a privilege for me to be included on the initial Trans 100 List, but now it's time to see who will make it to the list that will be released in 2014.  

Nominations have been open for it since October, but now you have less than 30 days to get them in before the January 15 deadline. 

And for you international trans peeps, this year's Trans100 List is open to nominations of international trans people.  Here's Toni to talk about it.


Hey, it is December 17th. That means there are less than 30 days left to get your nominations in for The Trans 100 for 2013!

Spread the word, my friends and followers! Repost, share, copy and say what you will, but spread the word far and wide!    Less than 30 days left to get in nominations for trans people doing incredible work that deserves to be recognized.

Pay attention to youth activists, to people of color, to veterans, those though of as having disabilities, those in the fights for equality around who strive to improve the lives of people in ways that others overlook.

We want people from *EVERYWHERE* to be nominated. Pay attention there. Immigrant efforts, struggles against the injustice in other nations, the whole thing.

Nominate them all. Go for it. Tell others to nominate people.

The Trans 100 from 2012 have been featured in news stories, highlighted in documentaries, recognized within their fields, and given opportunities to increase the visibility of trans people and the amazing work and change we create every day.

Nominate folks today!


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