Monday, December 16, 2013

Love The Body You're In

How many times have all of us (myself included) over the years said either one or many of the comments echoed in this graphic?   For those of us on the transfeminine end of the spectrum, we have said all of the above and we can add a few more not included in this graphic when our trans going gets rough.   

I wish I'd been born a cis woman. 
I am too tall. 
I hate my double digit shoe size.  
I'm not feminine enough.
I hate being trans*
(Insert other trans themed comment here)

The point I'm making is that we trans women have body image issues just like our cis feminine counterparts.   Some of those body issues are far too common ones expressed by all women cis and trans, while others are exclusively our particular transfeminne cross to bear. 

But the cure for those body image issues is pretty much the same.  It's getting comfortable in your own skin, understanding that gender identity is between your ears, and confidently projecting and expressing to the world acceptance of your gender identity.

It goes a long way toward helping one love the body they are in.  The point also needs to be repeatedly driven home until it becomes a mantra that women come in all shapes, sizes and genitalia configurations.

You are perfectly imperfect, so get busy loving the body you're in.  

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