Thursday, December 19, 2013

Brazil Miss Trans 2013 Pageant

Leggy: For the first time, the organisers of the event are offering the winner a transsexual operation from male to female in Thailand
The second annual Miss Trans 2013 pageant was held m Rio de Janeiro recently.   It had 28 competitors from 11 Brazilian states competing not only for the pageant crown at Rio's Joao Caetano Theater, but an all expense paid trip to Thailand as Brazil's representative for the 2014 edition of the Miss International Queen pageant

It was also offering a chance to go to Thailand and get a paid gender realignment surgery.

But this pageant also has a serious purpose in mind according to its sponsor Majorie Marchi, the president of Astra-Rio, the Rio Association for Transvestites and Transsexuals.    “The competition was an important demonstration for people who traditionally have no voice in society and are still seen as victims or as culprits on the police blotter,” said Marchi “The trans community doesn’t just want the right to food and sustenance. We are about music, entertainment and art.”

The pageant's goals are to increase the visibility of trans people in Brazil, and was also sponsored by the city government of Rio, fashion designer Almir França, a Brazilian plastic surgery clinic and the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital in Thailand.  

The winner of Miss Trans 2013 was 21 year old Raika Ferraz, who is from Sao Paulo and started her transition at 17.   She will represent Brazil at the next Miss International Queen contest in Pattaya next November..

And as for whether she will have the SRS that she won as part of the prize package for winning the title?

She says as of right now, no.  'I don’t need this operation, I already feel like a woman. I have been taking hormone tablets for more than four years now to create my curves and increase my bust size and I am really happy with the results," Ferraz says confidently.

A Brazilian girl like us, Marcela Ohio won the Miss International Queen 2013 title, and in the history of this pageant that started in 2004, no nation has ever had back to back winners of it.  

Will the Brazilians and Raika Ferraz be able to pull that feat off?    We'll see if she can in November.

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