Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Texas Secede? Yeah, Right

As many of you long time TransGriot readers are aware of I'm a proud fourth generation Texan and native Houstonian. 

I've been amused and concerned to see in the wake of President Obama's overwhelming reelection victory last week pissed off white peepul rioting at the University of Mississippi, letting their inner Klansmen out on Facebook and Twitter, and Republican leaning 'bidnessmen' using the excuse of the Obama victory and expansion of the Democratic Senate majority to lay off workers.   

Now we have so called 'Real Americans' showing their love of this country by sticking petitions on the White House website asking to secede from the United States with the one from my beloved home state getting 80,000 nekulturny people to sign it.

Um people, we're in the middle of observing the 150th anniversary of the War To Perpetuate Slavery (AKA the Civil War) your ancestors jumped off because of that 'states rights' bull feces.  

The question of whether a state could secede or not was not only settled on the battlefield 150 years ago (and y'all lost that war) but was settled by an 1869 US Supreme Court ruling in the Texas v. White case that says no state has the right to unilaterally secede.  

I also find it ironic that the racist failed nation state you continue to romanticize that your ancestors founded that you claim was founded on that 'states rights' principle but was actually of and about perpetuating slavery, was a four year failure in nation building.   The CSA was never recognized by any other world power and hypocritically barred a proposed constitutional provision preserving the right of a state to secede.

So I'm chuckling over this post- election rhetoric from predominately white Texans who were asleep in their Texas history classes wanting to secede and reestablish the Republic of Texas.

If you were paying attention, the Republic of Texas that existed from 1836-1846 and whose capital for two years (1837-1839) was Houston had a tough time fending off Mexican Army and Comanche incursions, and racked up a $10 million debt that the US government agreed to assume once annexation of Texas was complete

So let's get to the real reason why the Tea Klux Klan is pushing this secession talk.   They have like everyone one else who is paying attention to current political developments in the Lone Star State known that Texas has become since 2009 a majority minority state population wise.   The four other majority-minority US states politically have become Democratic in political orientation and the only reason Texas hasn't gone that way is because of the 2003 Delaymandering and the gerrymandering of districts by the GOP legislative majority following the 2010 midterms 

It's inevitable that Texas will once again revert to being a progressive political state, and Republicans have pissed off Latino, African-American and Asian communities to the point that it's just a matter of time before the Texas Republican Party resembles the California one.   

President Obama carried four of the five largest Texas counties population wise in Harris (Houston), Dallas, Travis (Austin), and Bexar (San Antonio).  Tarrant County (Ft. Worth) went to Romney.    In addition to carrying those counties, he carried Jefferson County (Beaumont-Port Arthur), El Paso, heavily Latino South Texas and many of the counties along the Rio Grande.

A blue or even Purple Texas would be a disaster for the Republicans because they heavily rely in their presidential electoral vote calculations of having Texas' 38 electoral votes in their column.   If they were forced to compete for Texas, this state is bigger than France size wise and has expensive media markets in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

We non Anglo Texans already know what's driving this need to secede.  Racism.  

In addition to the vanillacentric panic in conservacircles over the fact the United States will be a majority-minority population nation by 2050, that reality was driven home by the election of President Obama in 2008 and his reelection to another four year term last week.

Don't think we non-white Texans weren't paying attention when  Hardin County Republican treasurer Peter Morrison (who is also a  Ron Paul supporter) and author of a race-baiting Tea Party newsletter wrote this bigoted drivel:   

"Let each go her own way," Morrison wrote, demanding an "amicable divorce" from the U.S. and from the "maggots" who re-elected President Obama.

And you wonder why I can't stand the Republican Party, Ron Paul supporters, the Tea Klux Klan and libertarians azzholes like him not necessarily in that order and people outside of this state think we're all nekulturny yahoos. .
 more here:

Bottom line is 75% of the 25,145,561 people in this state like being American citizens just fine, and I submit the 13,582,879 of us who aren't Anglo like saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing our national anthem.  We are quite aware that as long as the Stars and Stripes flies on flagpoles throughout the 268,601 square miles of  Texas turf, our human rights are protected under the laws of this country and the United States Constitution.

All bets are off on that in a white dominated Republic of Texas.  

Besides, without Texas as part of the United States, you conservafoools have no chance of ever regaining the White House, so chill with that secession talk.  You also by expressing your racist selves let us know through your actions just how much you really love this country and our state.. 

And yeah, you tried that secession thang already in 1861.  It was a miserable failure.

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