Sunday, September 09, 2012

When Will Trans Attracted Folks Get It?

Cheryl Courtney-Evans over at Abitchforjustice has an interesting post up in which she talks about the shortcomings of the men who profess to love trans women.and calls on them to step up their romantic games.

But now, with regard to that "marriage equality/civil union/relationship" thing, what is going on with the trans community? I'm always hearing fellas who claim trans-attraction wondering, "Where is there a good transwoman for me? I'd like a 'wifey'. ", but how many of them are stepping up and openly expressing their desire and attraction for transwomen?

I've also heard "I don't want a hustlin' transwoman, or an escort...too many transwomen are just hustlers...", of course without taking into consideration the continued societal refusal to employ us, which is the underlying factor that results in so many of us being chronically unemployed. Will they ever suspend this judgment and get with a woman ready to "square up", when there's a mutual attraction, perhaps helping her while she does? Hmmm, I've known this to happen on only a couple of occasions to my personal knowledge. But these same men will expect a transwoman (employed or not) to accept them as they are, employed or not...she's suppose to want them in her space "just because" (sometimes even living with her).

Head on over to her blog and read the rest of this post. 

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