Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 OUT on the Hill-Day 4 Recap

Another beautiful day on Washington DC, but it's one with a hint of sadness for me because it's the last day of OUT on the Hill. 

It's also the last day of the CBCF-ALC which has its traditional 7 AM Prayer Breakfast.  This year it was featuring Bishop Noel Jones and Kim Burrell and Valerie and Carmarion attended it as the NBJC reps.

While that was going on at the Convention Center,  the NBJC General Session started at 9 AM as I anticipated the start of the 10:15 AM Blogger's Roundtable that includes myself, LZ Granderson, Danielle Moodie-Mills of threeLOL, Kimberley McLeod of ELIXHER, Derrick McMahon of the Anti-Intellect Blog, and Huff Po contributor Darnell Moore.

This was a continuation of the conversation that was started at the CBCF-ALC yesterday that was also focused on the topic of 'How the LGBT Equality Movement Has Impacted Black America and the Media Landscape.'   There was some interesting conversation concerning that topic before we broke for our lunchtime keynote speaker, the Deputy Director of the US Small Business Administration Eugene Cornelius. 

We also had a pleasant problem during this lunch that is the result of the rapid growth of OUT on the Hill.  For a breif moment we had a few more people than seats in the Delaware Room. but the NBJC staff and volunteers quickly solved that problem. 

And yes, Eugene is family.   He not only challenged us to own our economic power, but was part of an interesting discusssion moderated by Maurice Jamal that discussed the upcoming LGBT Economic Empowerment Tour that will be cosponsored by the NBJC/and SBA.

With the afternoon session came a dilemma for me.  Now that my panels were completed, I was a spectator and had to choose which one I attended because all three had interesting topics.

I eventually split time between the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Communities one and the Stemming The Tide of Aggression one before we headed into the OUT on the Hill closing session.   

With the closing session's end also signaling the end of OUT on the Hill 2012 activity at the host hotel, there was still a community mixer at FAB Lounge in the Dupont Circle area starting at 7 PM that I skipped so I could catch up on my blogging. 

Before she split for the CBCF-ALC dinner that the FLOTUS was attending, Sharon Lettman-Hicks did give us a sneak peek at one of the events that will take place during the 2013 OUT on the Hill

There will be a transman town hall similar to the one that we transwomen had this year.  It will also be NBJC's tenth anniversary next year with an OUT on the Hill that promises in just its fourth year to be bigger and better event than it was in 2012 .

And I definitely want to be participating in it next year.

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