Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ehipassiko-Because You're Stupid

Another one of Cristan Williams' posts from her Ehipassiko blog that needs to be signal boosted whacking all those conservasheeple who only get their news from Fox Noise and AM Talk radio.

Here's a taste of it:.

Yup. That’s right. You were duped. You were lied to. There is no quote wherein Obama talks about population wealth distribution. They edited the above speech and lied about what he was talking about… and you believed it. He’s clearly talking about moving resources from ineffective government agencies and redistributing those resources to agencies with “innovative in thinking, what are the delivery systems that are actually effective.”

Yep, if you watch FOX Noise or AM talk radio and believe everything you hear is the gospel truth without engaging those critical thinking skills, that's a problem because FOX noise.is nothing but a 24 hour purveyor of right wing propaganda. 

but here's the link to the rest of Cristan's post at Ehipassiko.

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