Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 OUT On The Hill Compilation Post

Moni's back in H-town after owning her power, reconnecting with her Black TBLG fam and allies and making new friends during OUT On the Hill 2012. 

Like the 2011 edition, It was an amazing weekend I was honored to have the opportunity and pleasure to participate in, and hope I'm blessed to have the opportunity to do so again. 

But next year I want to aim higher.   I'd love to be part of a panel discussion at the CBCF-ALC in 2013 and OUT on the Hill (hint hint).  

While we see if that comes to pass eleven and a half months from now, in the meantime y'all can peruse my commentary not only about what transpired during OUT on the Hill 2012, but my thoughts pre and post conference.

2012 OUT on the Hill-Countdown to Owning Our Power

TransGriot's Finally In DC!

2012 OUT on the Hill-Day 1 Recap

2012 OUT on the Hill-Day 2 Recap

2012 OUT on the Hill-Day 3 Recap

2012 OUT on the Hill-Day 4 Recap

OUT on The Hill Is Over-Time To Go Back to Texas

2012 OUT on the Hill-What Now Black LGBT Family?

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