Sunday, September 23, 2012

OUT on the Hill 2012 Is Over-Time To Go Back To Texas

My Week 3 TransGriot NFL picks are already made and I'll find out how well I and my hometown NFL ballers did when I get home.  But in a few hours I'll be checking out of this hotel room that has been home for the last few days and heading back to Houston.

I've been waiting with breathless anticipation for the 2012 edition of  OUT On The Hill honestly since the 2011 one concluded.  Will be interesting to see how much this event grows in 2013, especially since it will be NBJC's tenth anniversary year.  I hope I'll be invited to participate in OOTH once again.

I'm not kidding y'all when I write the words 'my NBJC family' in my TransGriot posts.  They really have made me feel that way and let me know in no uncertain terms they appreciate me as much as I appreciate and love the work they do on behalf of the Black LGBT community. 

I also gained some new fans and readers for TransGriot, and thanks for all the love NBJC family y'all showed me during this conference.

This has also closed an amazing summer of activism and other speaking events for me on a high note. 
How high I'll detail later after I've had some time to ponder it on the plane ride home from BWI.

See y'all in a few hours Houston.   And see you Pappas Barbecue in the airport when I arrive.. 

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