Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TransGriot's Finally In DC!

Well TransGriot readers, (and Mom) made it to Washington DC after enduring a two hour delay getting to Baltimore due to  weather in the Washington-Baltimore area. 

I did have some ATC delays navigating out of Jacksonville before I finally arrived in Baltimore two hours later

And I love the fact the Metro Red Line's Woodley Park station is right across the street from the host hotel grounds.  

Yeah right, like I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the room, much less at my friend's house.  Being that I'm considered one of the activist cool kids, I have business to take care of while I'm inside I-495.  I have Friday and Saturday night panel discussions and other things to do in Washington DC that coincide with the 2012 edition of OUT On The Hill.

And yes, a few of my Facebook friends in the area made it clear they want to see me while I'm in town.

I would have loved to have been here for the pre-conference Congressional Tri-Caucus event that was held earlier today from 10-11:30 AM EDT entitled Closets Are For Clothes: Being LGBT and POC in America but to accomplish that I would have needed to leave Houston yesterday and had too many last minute loose ends to deal with Monday

I'm going to crash since it's been a long travel day and Moni needs her beauty sleep.

If I get some time, will tell y'all all about Day One of OUT On the Hill

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