Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's 12:00 Midnight CDT-What Do I Want To Write About?

One of the things I strive to do on TransGriot is to write and post at least three times a day.    I like to have one post up at midnight CDT so that my international readers in Europe, Africa and the Pacific have something fresh to read in their timezones along with my night owls and party animals on my side of the planet.

I will have a morning post that comes up anytime between 2 AM CDT and 10 AM CDT and then my noon CST one. 

Depending on what's going on in the news cycle and what's on my mind I may do more than that. 

What I'd planned to do in this spot today was hopefully have some coverage of the Kyra Kruz Cordova vigil that happened in Philly last night, but as of yet haven't spotted any video, photos or Internet chatter about it.

So what to write about?  Had a few other ideas, but after three drafts really wasn't happy with them and I set them aside to marinate for a bit until I get that 'aha' moment that will allow me to finish what I started writing and post it.

I wasn't feeling a political post right now either, and as for anything interesting in my day to day life, you peeps already know I'm headed to DC in a few days for OUT on the Hill. 

I just felt y'all deserved to see something if you're going to take your valuable time to surf by here, and I do thank you for doing that on a regular basis.

Okay, maybe if I do some web surfing of my own I'll see something that will pique my interest.  


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