Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leaving On a Jet Plane-DC Bound Again

Been piling up the frequent flyer miles this summer and loving every minute of it as you TransGriot readers have noticed. 

My trips have basically been for one community event or another.

Whether it was the first ever trans themed panel discussion at Netroots Nation, the double secret trip I took to DC for business I still can't talk about,  the one to Charlotte to do the keynote address for the TransFaith In Color conference or the GLAAD National POC Media Institute in New York I not only felt blessed to be at all these events this summer representing our community, I not only enjoyed them, but loved seeing my trans and SGL peeps. 

Getting out of Houston's blast furnace heat for a few days is a bonus, although July was the coolest summer month on record for us and it's been in the high 80's-low 90's temperature wise for the last few days..

This time I'm bouncing from H-town to go back to Washington DC and inside I-495 for the third annual edition of Out On The Hill.  I'm looking forward to it, hanging with my National Black Justice Coalition family, my Black trans and SGL peeps my freinds in the area and participating in the two panel discussions I'm slated for.  

Oh yeah, will be making a major activism announcement while I'm up here. 

If I get the time or opportunity to hit a computer will talk about what happening at Out On The Hill 2012.  And DC area Facebook friends, I'll be here until Sunday.

Time to get the beauty sleep.    See y'all in a few hours Chocolate City.

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