Saturday, September 08, 2012

Trans Athlete Playing On His HS Football Team

I've been saying that all the work of trans athletes coming out and breaking barriers would one day lead to a trans athlete wanting to play on their high school team if they desired to do so, getting the opportunity to make that team and nobody tripping when it happened.  .

That scenario I described has finally happened in Michigan.  Seth Knop is a varsity running back on the Grosse Pointe South High School football team who wanted to play last season but was afraid to try out. 

Since it was his senior year Seth took the 'why not' attitude and decided to go for it.  He approached both varsity coach Tim Brandon and junior varsity coach Brian Shelson about his desire to play football and was told that the school's athletic policy permitted coed sports teams.  He tried out and made the squad.

He's gotten respect from his classmates not only for his transition, but being a member of the team.

"The kids in my grade respect me a lot for it," said Knop of his being an out transgender athlete. "They treat me just like everybody else, which is what I wanted."

It's why the NCAA policies on trans athletes were enacted.   It's why the IOC has policies that allow trans athletes to compete in the Olympic Games. And it's also what those trans athletes who took those slings and arrows so that future generations of transkids could play their favorite sports without drama wanted for you as well.

Good luck this season Seth, and have a wonderful senior year. 

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