Saturday, September 08, 2012

2012 DNC-President Carter's Speech

Unlike the Republican Party who are ashamed of their former presidents especially POTUS 43, we love, revere and still respect ours. 

One of the things that pisses me off is the hatred and lies pimped by conservafools about our 39th president, Jimmy Carter.   Until Bill Clinton came along, he was the POTUS who had the love and respect of the African-American community and still does.    He had the most diverse cabinet in US history, appointed many African-Americans to federal posts in his administration and the federal judiciary, and got Israel and Egypt to come to Camp David and sign a peace treaty that till lasts to this day.

You can also thank Jimmy Carter for the fuel efficiency standards on your cars, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and the shift in emphasizing human rights when it comes to conducting our foreign policy. 

So when the first night's events of the DNC occurred I was happy to see this video of our Nobel peace prize winning former president and world renowned humanitarian endorsing the current Nobel prize winning president in this video.

It also blew up the conservalie they were telling in their media that the Democrats would be 'scurred' to have President Carter make an appearance at this convention.  (snicker, snicker)

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