Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transgenders And Love: Yes It's A Minefield

Cheryl Courtney-Evans has another post up at Abitchforjustice that needs to be seen by you loyal TransGriot readers and everyone else that's interested in perusing it. 

It also struck a chord with me because I definitely empathize with her in terms of the dating game issues. 

So I call him and the conversation is very positive and looking up until...because I'm a gal who doesn't like misunderstandings...I inform a man from the beginning what to expect from me (I'm a pre-op transwoman).... BAM! I get that, "Well I don't mess with no men..." I don't want to hear another word; I hit "end" on the cell and erase the number I've put in my phone.

This scenario has happened often enough that when I'm approached in similar ways at other times, I have kept numbers but not called because I dread the possibility of hearing those same words in different ways...I must admit though, that sometimes I debate with myself for up to a week before erasing them, asking myself, "Did he know, and just respect me as the gender I represent, or did he not know?"  The repercussion possibilities inherent in setting a stranger straight in a public place always make me wait until this phone conversation.

Check out the rest of Cheryl's post here at Abitchforjustice

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