Friday, September 07, 2012

Romney Campaign Announces Its Black Leadership Council

Being that the Romney-Ryan campaign is trailing 94% to 0% in terms of garnering the African-American vote, they decided to do something about their pathetic numbers in this critical voting bloc by announcing the formation of their Black Leadership  Sellout Council

It's chaired by Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) Rep Allen West (R-FL) and Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll (R) and seeks to in the campaign's words "help facilitate dialogue between Mitt Romney and respected leaders who provide unique expertise, experience and knowledge on a range of issues impacting black American communities."

Yeah, right.   "respected leaders" in conservaspeak= sellout knee-grows.

You come to the NAACP convention Mittens and disrespect our community,  have cricket chirping silence about the voter suppression laws negatively impacting our community and think by sending these three cookie chomping knee-grows in Scott, West and Carroll who have insulted African-Americans on one level or another to outreach to our community is going to move that needle of support from zero percent? 

So what say ye about this, Reverend Al?

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Damn, you peeps in the Romney-Ryan campaign and the Republican Party really are that clueless.

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