Thursday, September 20, 2012

DADT Still Hasn't Died For Trans People

Couldn't let today pass while I'm up here inside I-495 'Owning My Power' to remind you readers as I will our legislators while I'm chitchatting with them on Capitol Hill today marks the one year anniversary of the day that Don't Ask Don't Tell died.  

While our SGL and bi brothers and sisters will be celebrating this first anniversary of DADT repeal, it'll be another painful reminder that DADT is still not dead for trans people,.but it's still an ugly reality that we can't serve openly. 

Discrimination by the US military of transpeople still exists for us as documented in this Kristen Schilt report for the Palm Center.  Unlike the trans citizens of six nations, the big bad US military still will not allow patriotic trans people to enlist who are willing to fight for and defend our country.  

If you're in the military and it's discovered you're trans, you get discharged or worse.

We love our country and want to have the option to serve in its military as well.   To make an economic argument for it, trans people being able to openly serve our nation not only helps the ones already enlisted and helps you retain those personnel you spent time and tax dollars training, it would also make a dent in that 26% trans unemployment number if trans people who desire to do so have the option of military service as a career option.

So let's see if you 'come back for us' on this issue, LGB community.  .As you raise your appletini glasses and toast the demise of DADT, I'm reminding you about the trans people you threw under the Humvee when you pushed for passage of DADT repeal in the 2010 congressional lame duck session and trans activists told you repeatedly it didn't cover us. 

While DADT died for you, it still hasn't died for the trans community.


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