Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Texans Watch-Texans Mile High Win

I got back home from OUT on the Hill just in time to watch my beloved Texans take on a long time nemesis in Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  

There are some connections between the two teams.   Texans coach Gary Kubiak before coming back home to take the job was a backup QB and offensive coordinator for the Broncos, and Texans General Manager Rick Smith also got his start with the Broncos organization.

They marched into Invesco Field at Mile High in their liberty white uniforms with a chance to not only stay unbeaten in this young NFL season, but prove they were serious contenders in the AFC for that Super Bowl berth in New Orleans.

They also had a chance to erase some old demons.  As Tebow lovers are well aware of, the last Texans trip to Denver in 2010 birthed the Tim Tebow legend at their expense and resulted in a come from behind loss for my favorite NFL ballers.  They have also never beaten a Payton Manning quarterbacked team in his home stadium prior to Sunday and had a 2-19 record overall against him.  

But Peyton hasn't faced the Bulls on Parade defense either.  . . 

The Texans got off to a slow start, giving up a safety and a field goal to spot the Broncos an early 5-0 lead before the offense woke up, dusted off the big play part of their playbook and dropped a 63 yard bomb to Andre Johnson to take a 7-5 lead they never relinquished thanks to the Bulls on Parade defense.

JJ Watt and the Bulls on Parade defense made life miserable for Peyton Manning.  Watt had 2.5 sacks while Matt Schaub threw for four touchdowns in this game as the Texans sprinted out to a 20 point lead before the Broncos mounted a furious comeback that just like in Atlanta a week earlier fell six agonizing points short. 

The 31-25 Texan win means for the first time in team history they start a season 3-0.  They have a chance to build on this win with a division game against the hated Tennessee Titans Traitors in Reliant Stadium Sunday.  

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