Friday, September 14, 2012

Shut Up Fool Awards-Countdown To 2012 Out On The Hill Edition

The calendar pages are turning quickly toward September 19-22 and this time next Friday I'll will be in our nation's capitol hangin' with my fellow Black LGBT leaders for the third annual edition of the national black Justice Coalition's Out On The Hill.   As you can tell, I'm ready to bounce up there, own my power and try to make time to record it all while it's happening.  

Still not too late for you folks thinking about it to join us

So now let me segue into our weekly TransGriot public service in which we shine a bright spotlight on the fool,. fools or group of fools that so richly deserve to be called out for their ignorance and stupidity and let me get straight to the winners.

Honorable mention number one went to 2012 Shut Up Fool of the Year contender Rep. Allen West (R-FL) for once again, opening mouth and inserting foot by calling the POTUS' 'Forward' campaign slogan was designed to push a Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme .

Nyet, comrade.  Seems like your cookie chomping behind is stuck in the Cold War like your presidential nominee.

Honorable mention number two goes to Florida A&M University who in 23 pages of court documents basically blamed the victim and said they were not responsible for gay drum major Robert Champion's death.

This week's winner in a landslide is Ashely Heil (Hitler) who posted this bigoted tweet on her Twitter page disrespecting the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King.

Um Ashley, your white sheet is showing.

And oh yeah, shut up fool!   

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